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When you join our team, you will be joining one of the most respected cemetery care businesses in the United States.  Once you build a quality customer base, you can make a very nice profit from providing our services. We will always be here to help you with your business and one of the best things about joining our team, is you will be listed on our high ranking website.  This is one of the areas where you will gain many customers.  These days, people browse the web for just about everything and if your company is not listed high on Google... well, you will be losing many customers.

We offer two options to join our team.

1. Beautification location: The beautification option allows you to provide our beautification services, such as Flower bouquets, Holiday wreaths, Basic stone cleaning, Photographs and Videos and other Grave care services.

Option #1 Price: Initial fee of $100.00, then $100.00 every month thereafter. 

2. Restoration and Beautification: This option allows you to provide all of our restoration and beautification services. When choosing this option, please keep in mind that you will need to be trained by our main office in Saint Paul, Minnesota before you begin providing our restoration services. Training is for one weekend in during the spring through fall.

Option #2 Price: Initial fee of $2,000.00 for training and a listing on our website. Then $100.00 each month thereafter.

Please contact us for more information and to join our team.

Thank you!

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