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Our goal is to create the largest cemetery restoration and beautification company with trained specialist throughout the country.  With the lowest cost to you the owner.

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We are seeking business minded professionals to join our team and provide our much needed services.


Being part of our professional team of cemetery beautification and restoration specialists is very profitable and rewarding.


If you would like to work for yourself and build a unique and exciting business, you are in the right place.


Now is the best time of the year to start your business!


  • Territories are sold by the full county.

  • Training is provided online & for an additional fee, we can train your at our main office in Minnesota.

  • We train you in all aspects of the business.

  • Your location will be listed on our two high traffic websites. CemeteryRestorationPros and GraveGroomers.

  • We will always be by your side and we will help you succeed!


Fees per territory vary depending how you open for business:


  • Beautification Services: Pay $100.00 initial fee, then $100.00 per month every month with no other royalty fees.

  • Restoration Services: $2,000.00 initial fee, then pay $100.00 per month, every month with no other royalty fees.

  • Purchase multiple county territories for a combined discount on initial and annual fees.


The services below, we provide to cemeteries, individual clients, historical societies, churches, cities, parks and more.  We are more than a cemetery restoration company.


  • Flower delivery to the grave site.

  • Wreath delivery to the grave site.

  • Flower planting and watering.

  • Headstone cleaning and polishing.

  • Headstone repair.

  • Cemetery restoration.

  • Bronze refinishing.

  • Grave site care and maintenance.

  • New headstone / monument foundations.

  • And more.



Please send us a message and let's get you open for business!


Thank you for your interest.

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