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Cemetery Safety


Cemetery safety is our top priority when we perform any project.  The monuments we work on will be leveled and secured properly.

A secured monument / Headstone makes for a more safe cemetery.​

Throughout the years, foundations and headstone seals deteriorate and become unstable with the potential to easily tip over or slide off the base of the monument. Usually, when a headstone is leaning, there is an issue with the foundation. In order to fix the foundation problem, the headstone needs to be removed from the foundation and the old foundation removed. A new foundation then needs to be installed and the headstone secured back on the new foundation.

Just shimming and leveling a monument / headstone is NOT the correct way to fix the problem. Within a short period of time, the headstone will shift and could become even more dangerous.  Please call us to do it the right way.

                    ​Please call or email for an estimate - Thank you!

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