Cemetery Restoration Pros
Restoration - Preservation - Maintenance
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Our professional team provides the highest quality products and services when we are hired to perform our restoration services.  No stone is unturned and every job is completed with the utmost respect to the grounds where we are working.  Our custom made monument hoist/lift is made to not damage the surrounding area of the cemetery or the monument itself.  We lift the monument, then slide it out of the way. 

We service cemeteries throughout the entire United States.
Our services:

  • Full cemetery restoration services
  • Cemetery landscaping
  • Stone repair
  • Stone cleaning
  • Monument foundations
  • Bronze refinishing
  • Cemetery maintenance and service
  • Grass - sod - seeding and repair
  • Personalize gravesite care
  • Flower and wreath delivery
  • Flower planting at the grave site
  • Urn refurbishing
  • Engraving highlighting
  • Design and picture restoration
  • Cemetery vandalism repair

Our company survives and strives from the satisfaction of all of our very valuable customers - cemeteries and the individual grave lot owners who are in need of our services.

We would also like to provide our services to cemeteries in need but do not have the funds on hand to perform the very needed safety and historical repairs on their grounds.  Safety is a huge concern in all cemeteries especcially  with the older monuments with deteriorating foundation where the monument can possibly fall over and injure a person passing by.  There are many hazards from sink holes due to no vault, leaning and sunken monuments and markers.  Please use the donate button below to help preserve our cemeteries.  We service cemeteries around the entire United States.  Your donations will go towards the restoration and preservation of cemeteries in need.

Thank you.
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