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Cemetery Restoration Specialists
Cemetery Restoration Pro's is a cemetery restoration company with over two decades of experience in restoration and preservation of cemeteries and historical sites.  We specialize in building custom portable monument / headstone hoists.  Our hoist are made from solid aluminum and are very easy
to move from site to site without damaging the cemetery ground.  We custom build our hoists for small to large monuments - headstones and markers.
Our most popular model is listed below and can be used for just about any restoration project.  Easily lift and slide the stone out of the way, then work
on the ground and slide the stone back to re-set.  Please visit our product page for more information and to order your hoist.

Our Services:

Cemetery restoration and maintenance - No job is too large or small
Monument leveling
Marker leveling and raising
Bronze refinishing
Concrete foundations
Engraving highlight
Stone polishing
Stone painting
Urn painting and refurbishing
Stone cleaning
Stone repair
Concrete retaining walls
Monument and marker installation

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Cemetery Restoration & Preservation Services

Safety is one of the major concerns in cemeteries.  If a headstone/monument is leaning, there is usually an issue below the surface with the old foundation.  By leveling the headstone with a brick or dirt, it's just a bandage and not solving the real source of the problem.  Old foundations break down over time and need to be removed and a new foundation will need to be installed.

Our professionals are trained to provide the highest quality restoration services and the also have the correct tools to perform these services without damaging the existing grounds of the cemetery or surrounding memorials.

Please visit our "locations page" and select the company nearest to you.

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Cemetery restoration & preservation classes.

We provide complete preservation and restoration training.  Either on site at cemeteries near you or at local cemeteries in Minnesota. Our training length is two days and covers all of the basics and expert techniques.  We are always seeking qualified people to join our team of experts around the United States.  Please give us a call or send us an email to inquire.
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Order a custom made Monument / Headstone hoist - lift.
Solid aluminum and easy to handle.  Makes your restoration job very easy.

Standard lift - $4,000.00

Lift with 8 foot adjustable extensions - $5,800.00

Please email us for details - Thank you!
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