The "original" Grave Groomers - Since 1999

Cemetery Restoration & Maintenance

In 1999 Grave Groomers was established in Minneapolis, Mn.  We are a cemetery restoration, maintenance and grave care company.  We currently have a large network of cemetery restoration professionals around the United States and continue to grow each year.  If we do not currently have a location in your area, we plan to in the near future, so please keep checking back.

Please give our main office a call or click on the link at the top right of this page to view the cemetery restoration professional closest to you.  Main office: 612-423-4246

We are looking forward to working with you.

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Main office phone:  612-423-4246
The GRAVE GROOMERS TM Cemetery Network services the entire United States - Call us today!
Main Office:  612-423-4246
Our services include the below and more!

  • Monument & marker restoration
  • Cemeteries
  • Memorial parks
  • Historical restoration
  • Fire department memorials
  • Police department memorials
  • Church memorials and monuments
  • City memorial restoration
  • Government memorial restoration
  • Bronze restoration
  • Memorial painting and highlighting of letters on the memorials
  • All types of memorial and headstone cleaning and repair serivces.
  • Concrete work
  • New foundations

Metal and painting restoration

  • Bronze cemetery memorial refinishing
  • Bronze plaque refinishing
  • Bronze cleaning (If possible)
  • Cemetery urn painting
  • Memorial letter painting and highlight
  • Memorial scene painting
  • Any type of memorial letters and design painting.
Please call us today and set up your restoration projects for the year 2015.

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Our network  provides restoration and cemetery repair services across the entire United States.

We opened for business in 1999 and we have many highly trained and skilled restoration experts who are able to tackle any project from small to large in any area of the United States.

We are second to none in the business!  We are the experts!

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Please view the MAP at the bottom of this page to see our current locations.  Locations can also be contact by using the above link.

To open a cemetery Restoration location, please give us a call or email.